Fire Glass

It is produced by multiple laminating technique with special binding films. The glasses opacify when exposed to heat and the chemical in between provides insulation by foaming. It is classified in three categories: E, EW, EI.

These classes have different resistance varieties as 30-60-90-120 minutes. No process can be applied. It is ordered in specified size and mounted with the appropriate joinery. Thanks to this glass model which is very useful in terms of safety, flammability and fires can be prevented with the help of a dividing panel.

The use of a thermal insulation system, which prevents the transmission of flammable gases, reduces heat radiation, divides the room against flammable gases and smoke, is now possible in all places thanks to the fire glass.

This glass, made of special glass materials, creates highly insulated foam due to the unusual heat effect. The heat can never pass through the other side of the glass and the glass helps the rescue operation by opacifying.


It is supplied in desired sizes.

It is supplied resistant for 60-90-120-180 minutes in E, EW and EI classes.