Laminated Glass

It is formed by placing PVB between at least two or more glass plates. After pressing and combining with preheating, laminating process is completed by applying high pressure and heat in the unit called autoclave. The main purpose of laminated glass is security.

It is functional in reducing the risk of injury in the event of an accident, safety against crashes and theft prevention. It can also be supplied in colored form by bringing different colored lenses together. All glass processes must be applied before laminating. Once laminating is done, only edging can be applied.

Laminated glass is a great technology product designed to prevent people from hitting highly transparent glassware. It is extremely safe against crashes. Since it is UV resistant, your curtains, furniture, carpets and other objects do not wear off or fade due to sunlight.

It can be used in places such as glass showcases used in the architectural area, internal partitions, bank branches, hospitals, police stations, etc.

It is supplied in various sizes as machine size.

  • Transparent and Colored (all color variants)