and H. In addition to the case also stopped S. Martin – a former officer of the Border Guard and S. Peter, with whom in detention disclosed and detained 552 grams of dried cannabis others than the so-called fiber. marijuana “- reads the PK. The District Court in Rzeszow, at the request of the public prosecutor arrested men for 3 months. This is another stop in the context of a long-distance Podkarpackie Department Department for Organized Crime and Corruption National Public Prosecutor’s Office in Rzeszow on organized criminal group involved in the cultivation of marijuana. As recalled in the Communication PK, the first steps in the proceedings took place in January 2018. Then, in the province. Silesian disclosed plantation, which was grown in 1386 cannabis plants. On site also secured approx.

80 kg of marijuana. In turn, in May 2018. In West Pomerania province it revealed plantation, where there were 2,740 cannabis plants, also secured approx. 13 kg of marijuana. Then arrested three people – Pole owner of the building, which contained a plantation and two Vietnamese citizens, who were involved in caring cannabis. Another plantation revealed in June 2018. In Warmia-Mazury.

It was 1139 cannabis plants, also secured approx. 50 kg of marijuana. The Vietnamese were detained in the plantation, which dealt with the nurturing of cannabis. As reported press office PK at this stage of the proceedings is conducted against a total of 10 people, including 6 Polish citizens and 4 citizens of Vietnam, which was charged participation in an organized criminal group Article. 258 of the Criminal Code. “They are also suspected of being involved in cannabis herb non-fibrous (…) and the preparation of these large amounts of a substance of abuse such as marijuana. Offense of Art.

53 paragraph. 2 in conjunction with Art. 63 paragraph. 3 Act on counteracting drug addiction “- stated in a press release. Prosecutors do not rule out further arrests. (PAP) by Wojciech Huk He reiterated that Chancellor Angela Merkel has highly evaluated the activity Donald Tusk. “The federal government has taken note of your application as an alternative (to Tusk)” – Seibert said at a meeting with journalists in Berlin. “I can not anticipate the results of the meeting of Heads of State and Government” – reserved by PAP asked whether the nomination something changes in the position of Germany. “The discussion continues,” – he added. Seibert said, repeating the assessment expressed on March 1 that Merkel’s “highly assesses the current work the head of the European Council.” When asked whether Merkel would be ready to support the candidate of Tusk contrary to the position of Warsaw, a spokesman for the German government pointed only to the applicable provisions (Art. 15, paragraph 5), which states that the Council shall elect its President by a qualified majority. “I’m not saying that will happen, I’m just saying that the regulations provide for” – Seibert reserved.

Polish Foreign Ministry reported on Saturday candidate Saryusz-Wolski, chairman of the European Council. From the end of May marks the first 2.5-year term as head of Tusk European Council. During the informal summit of EU leaders in Malta former Prime Minister he declared that he is ready to continue its work in this position. On Tuesday, the European People’s Party (EPP), the center-right grouping brings together the countries of Europe, reaffirmed support for his candidacy. EU summit on March 9-10 EU leaders are to decide whether Tusk will serve as Chairman of the Board for another term of office.

Election of the President of the European Council does not require unanimity EU Member States. For the presentation of the candidacy by Poland Saryusz-Wolski Tusk was the only official candidate for the position. The current President of the European Council took up his position on 1 December 2014. Earlier, the chairman of the European Council held a Belgian, Herman Van Rompuy. From Berlin Jacek Lepiarz (PAP) Nickel gaining 0.7 percent. Zinc and 1.3 percent more expensive.

Chinese leaders signaled that further measures will be used to stimulate economic growth, after published on Wednesday PMI showed a slowdown in the industrial sector of China to the lowest level in more than two years. On Wednesday, stated in the calculation of the statistical offices of the Federation of Logistics and the PMI index, specifying the situation in the industrial sector of China, was X 50.2 points. to 50.8 points. a month earlier. Analysts estimated the PMI at 50.6 points. These data led to rising concerns among investors about the condition of the main economies in Asia, which in addition remains in a serious trade dispute with the United States. Copper prices on Thursday also support information about its dwindling reserves. With published by the stock exchange in London metals LME data showed that LME copper inventories now stand at 136,675 tons and are the lowest since July 2008.

During the previous session, LME copper in London grew cheaper by 40 USD to 5992.00 USD per ton. (PAP Business) “We have no specific comment on the outcome of the conference in Warsaw” – said at a press conference, European Commission spokeswoman Maja Kocijanczicz. She added that the European Commission expects that the progress and results of the Middle East conference in Warsaw, EU foreign ministers will inform the meeting on Monday in Brussels, Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz. The two-day conference was attended by approx. 60 countries. Among others, they came to Warsaw US Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, as well as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, foreign ministers of Britain, Italy, Hungary and several countries also arabskich.zobacz: Foreign media about the importance of the conference in Warsaw »Middle East Conference, which is the peak of everything [ OPINION] »completed Thursday conference on matters of peace and security in the Middle East, among others, he attracted to Warsaw broad representation of countries in the region (including Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, Yemen, Jordan, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates) and representatives of the European Union. At the Warsaw conference was, however, not the representatives of Iran, which was not invited to participate in the meeting. Absent was also among Russia, which on Thursday held a meeting in Sochi President Vladimir Putin with the leaders of Turkey and Iran: Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Hasan Rowhanim.

The conference did not participate EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini. Asked on Thursday in Brussels about the reason for his absence in Warsaw, she said her place was on that day at a meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels. I will do my best to make between Israel and the United States did not appear anything odsuwaloby us apart, when he will be president – Trump assured. “As US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman will support this special kind of relationship which unite our countries,” – he added. Friedman would replace the position of US Ambassador Daniel Shapiro, who is his mission in Israel since 2011. Linked with the environment orthodox Jews, Friedman many years working as a columnist with the extreme right-wing magazines Israeli issued in English, “Arutz Sheva” and “The Jerusalem post “. He is also president of the American Friends of Bet El Institutions “, which supports Jewish settlement in the West Bank. Advocates the creation of a single, binational state of the Israeli-Palestinian, taking care that the problem of the Palestinians in the West Bank is artificially inflated by the media during when in fact they are not in this area, “so many”.

It is also counted among the opponents of the agreement that July 2015 powers – the US, Russia pay for art research paper, China, France, Britain and Germany – have concluded with Iran. Its aim was to ensure that the Iranian nuclear program will have a peaceful nature. in return, they are gradually lifted economic sanctions against Tehran. Although Israel and the United States are close allies, the relationship between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama have sometimes been strained because of differences amongst others, on Iran . Israeli officials are hoping that the election of the new Trump Recalling DCE US can usher in a new era of relations. It is difficult to determine what a great influence on Donald Trump had during the election campaign itself Friedman, commentators suggest, however, in this context, that Trump promised before the election, recognition of “undivided Jerusalem” as Israel’s capital and moving the US embassy to the city. Announcing the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was also made by Trump in September, during his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – reminds Reuters.

In recent days, appeared statements collaborator Donald Trump, which was to ease the radicalism of these declarations. Walid Phares, advisor for Trump. Middle told CNN that the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem is “a complex process that will take a few good years.” (PAP) mars / Branch peszmergow, Kurdish militants leading the fight against the forces of the Islamic State, took one of the refinery area located southeast of Kirkuk, 250 kilometers north of Baghdad, and gave the command staff to stop working. With the exported oil refinery naftociagiem connecting it with the Mediterranean port of Ceyhan in Turkey. Peshmerga took control of Kirkuk in 2014, after the withdrawal of Iraqi troops to the area under the pressure of the armed forces of the Islamic State.

The Government of the autonomous region of Kurdistan believes that Kirkuk is part of the Kurdish territory, and is preparing for a referendum in these areas, as permitted by the Iraqi constitution. (PAP) In September of 2016. Modern activists from the region, as part of a national campaign organized by the party, presented to the public a list of people from the province. Swietokrzyskie, which – in their opinion – have received work in state institutions and spolach only through their links with the PiS. The action referred to the case of Modern Bartholomew Misiewicz. In early September of last year 26-year-old Misiewicz, spokesman for the Ministry of Defense and the then head of the office of defense minister Antoni Macierewicz, was a member of the supervisory board reporting to the Polish Ministry of Defense Armaments Group.

In September 2016,. After the publication of “Newsweek”, according to which Misiewicz had to propose a councilor PO Belchatow to join a coalition with the PiS, suggesting that in return provide them with employment in the state company, Misiewicz asked the defense minister Antoni Macierewicz for the suspension of the functions of the Ministry of and he resigned in PGZ. The case was investigated prosecutor’s office; in November last year but refused to initiate an investigation. Among the 11 people from the province. Swietokrzyskie, as defined by the Modern “Misiewicz,” was Martin Perz, appointed in April 2016. at the head of the Starachowice SEZ. Perz resented the action of Modern and activists sued to court. Calls for the publication of an apology and payment of 10 thousand. zl to charity.

The lawsuit Perz justified, inter alia, that the action of the defendants “in the manner evident and indisputable” violated his dignity, good name and led the public to “depreciation” of his achievements, professional achievements and scientific. Plenipotentiary of the defendants requested the dismissal. During Friday’s hearing in the District Court in Kielce Perz he talked about his professional and political career. He is a graduate of journalism and international relations and management with a specialization in local government. He stressed that he was a member of the Law and Justice in 2005-2010 (for a time was vice president of the party in the region), and the group appeared at their request. His professional career began after graduating from the internship in 2003.

In the office of deputy Przemyslaw Gosiewski, which after 2001. Was responsible for the creation of structures in the province of Law and Justice. Swietokrzyskie. When Gosyevski became a member of the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry. Privatization of PZU, Perz worked with her as an expert – employed by the office of Parliamentary Law and Justice – a team Gosiewski. At the beginning of 2006. Perz was an employee of the governor’s office Swietokrzyskie Gregory Banas; autumn starting with a letter of PiS councilor won the provincial council, later he was elected a board member of the province Swietokrzyskie (within the coalition of the PiS-PO-PSL).

In the years 2010-2015 he served as Director of the Regional Center for Science and Technology in Podzamcze k. Checin (budgetary institution the provincial government). In May of 2015. Voivodship board terminated the contract with him. “The reason for the former + + loss of confidence associated with the suspected breach of public finance discipline. Spokesman financial discipline, who investigated the case, refused to take action in this matter,” – explained in court Perz. He then worked at the National Museum in Kielce (wspolprowadzonym by the county council and the Ministry of Culture). In 2016.

Perz made its offer to the Ministry of Development Work in Starachowice SEZ. He emphasized that the verification and interview, the leadership of the ministry positively zaopiniowalo his candidacy and was elected chairman of the board of SEZ Starachowice. Perz rating that is qualified to perform this function, associated with “helping to promote entrepreneurship and economic development”, because sitting on the board of the province supervised the company’s Regional Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer, and the center of science and technology which he was head, won one of the largest grants EU funds for territorial development. He argued, too, that one of his “documents and he was not wearing the ministry.” He added that he does not know whether the head of the PiS Swietokrzyskie supported him in trying to function in SEZ. “At no stage of my professional commitment not embezzled any amounts, has not led to the bankruptcy of the institution, there was no complaints about my skills or competence” – said Perz. Before the court as a witness testified Gregory Banas, punjab province governor in 2006-2007. “He saw it as an effective organizational young man” – he stressed Banas. “In my opinion Perza placement on the list + + Misiewicz was unjustified. It has various fields of education. Collaborate with him I can only judge positively,” – he added b. The province governor.

Witnesses in the process will be, among others, Swietokrzyskie voivodship Marshal Adam Jarubas (head of the provincial PSL) and the leader of the Holy Cross structures PiS MEP Krzysztof July. (PAP) by Catherine Bancer Consulate employee is still sought; his wife and children are interrogated by the Turkish police – Turkish broadcaster NTV reported.